Prerequisite: completion of a DTS

The School of Acting for the Screen actors and School of Digital Filmmaking student directors team up to tell stories that are relevant and appealing to today’s audience. Get a chance to influence the film industry with ethical principles. Although both schools will work together at times both will look at relevant and different aspects within their chosen field as follows.

What to Expect

Actors have an opportunity to have leading and supporting roles in the short films produced by the writers and filmmakers in the School of Film, giving them a practical application of all that is learned in class. Therefore students will walk out of the school with several short films which may be used in their demo reel.


Included in this Course


The school provides intensive training in the following topics:

Introduction to the craft of acting: from Stanislavski’s System and Suzuki’s Method to Meisner’s approach, students will explore the most effective ways an actor can “live” truthfully under imaginary circumstances.

Script Analysis: understanding how scripts are created and characters structured within a film script or scene study; students will learn to analyze scripts for the purpose of scene preparation and character development.

Auditioning: preparing actors for the audition environment by giving a realistic idea of what is required in an audition.

Film history and analysis: giving the students a broader base of knowledge about the rich history of the cinema and providing the tools to analyze influential film performances and apply what is learned to their own craft.

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In my SAS I learned so many new things about acting. One of them is that acting is way more spiritual than I thought and that we are called to be modern day prophets. It is an amazing craft with which we can reach people in many creative ways.



What I love the most was the learning different ways of how to immerse myself in a story and character to give them life. I also loved that there was a great emphasis on the fact that an actor is a servant: good acting is an act of service to God, the story you are telling and the people watching you.

London City

02 Sept - 04 Dec 2023




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Lecture Phase


This includes accommodation, food and transport fees for school activities.





Applicants from outside of the UK need to have a visa to train with us. You will need to take this into consideration and allow plenty of time to complete the application and visa process. We recommend you apply as soon

as possible.


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